In Conversation with Murderous Vision

Stephen Petrus returns to the podcast to talk about the brand new book celebrating 30 years of Murderous Vision. Petrus assembled photos, ephemera, fliers and writings together to give a full look at the history of the project. We always look forward to talking with Stephen as Murderous Vision is a favorite project of Noisextra.

For the ExtraNoisextra segment on the patreon, Petrus provided patrons with a full live set recording from Mistake by the Lake in Cleveland on May 31, 2024. This live show immediately follows the episode on the patreon feed.

In the Studio with Sonambule

Greh and Hank (Sonambule) have been getting their shared Hollywood studio in action, and Mike came over to sit down with them and go over the progress. Greh has been going hog wild on making the studio a great space. We also talk to Hank about his project Sonumbule and how he utilizes the space.

For the ExtraNoisextra segment on the patreon, Greh has made another mix to bring the noise summer directly to you.

Necrose Prison

It’s another loose discussion episode, this time with Mike and Tara. Topics include Brighter Death Now performing “Necrose Evangelicum,” White Shamrock’s incredible “Slaughterland” release, Meteka Power Electronics’ new album, and much more.

For the ExtraNoisextra segment on the patreon, the conversation continues for an additional 20 minutes. Tara gets off the rails, but heads back on to talk more recent viewing, reading and more.

In Conversation with Thomas Moore

Author Thomas Moore joins us for a great conversation. Many of his novels have been published by Amphetamine Sulfate, including his newest book “Your Dreams.” We get into the many subjects of his writings…cruising, dreams, language and more. Thomas has been orbiting and into noise for many years and we attempt to connect the dots throughout this episode.

For the ExtraNoisextra on the patreon, Thomas has provided some out of print writing for patrons to read.

Psychopathia Ratcatching

Greh and Mike sit down for a loose conversation covering many topics including the recent release of “Pyschopathia Sexualis,” the movie “Ratcatcher,” the new Cleanse tape, recent listening and more. 

For the ExtraNoisextra segment on the patreon, Greh made a mix of some of his recent listening. This mix immediately follows the episode on the patreon feed.

Overload & Eroticism Q&A

Today is the day all wet dreams come true. Eroticism and Overload are releasing their full length albums as the first two CDs on Initiation Services. This episode is a brief Q and A between the two, commemorating this historic day of pleasure.

For the ExtraNOISEXTRA segment on the patreon, the track “Kill to Fuck” by Overload and the track “Rounding up Ants” by Eroticism are posted following the Q and A.

Overload “Manson City” and Eroticism “Willpower” will be available today at 3pm EST/Noon PST at or

In Conversation with Ike Yard (Stuart Argabright & Michael Diekmann)

We found ourselves in the empty dark alleyways of early ’80s NYC with Stuart Argabright and Michael Diekmann of the legendary Ike Yard. Stuart and Michael take us through their entire history up to today. We also get into Stuart’s band Black Rain, his work with William Gibson, and plenty more. Ike Yard sits in a unique and strange place in the dark underground, and this discussion keeps the paranoia alive.

For the ExtraNoisextra segment on the patreon, we get into what Ike Yard was like live in the early 80s as well as the process of reforming the band in the 2000s. This segment is in the middle of the episode on the patreon feed.

In Conversation with Iggor Cavalera (Sepultura)

Iggor Cavalera (Sepultura, Cavalera Conspiracy) joins us for an incredible discussion. Iggor provided the perfect DJ set throughout Day 1 of the NWN/Hospital Fest, capturing the spirit of what the festival was all about. We go into his history from starting Sepultura as a 13 year old in Brazil, to playing with Boredoms in Japan, to collaborating with Prurient and Power Trip, to his current noise explorations and tons more. Iggor has carried the torch of the underground since the early 80s and the flame still burns!

For the ExtraNoisextra segment on the patreon, Iggor talks about his gear, field recording in the Amazon, record shopping with Merzbow in Japan and more. This 20 minute segment is in the middle of the episode on the patreon feed.

Audio Drudge #7

It’s another magazine episode as we take a look at “Audio Drudge” #7. This issue was picked partly for its accessibility, but also because of the Caul tapes that Greh scored in Japan. In addition to Caul, this issue has interviews with Allegory Chapel Ltd, Contrastate, a section on VHS, and plenty of reviews. It’s always a pleasure looking to the past via printed matter.

For the ExtraNoisextra segment on the patreon, Greh tells us about setting up his new studio. He goes over his plans, purchases and much more.