Year End 2022

2022 is slipping away so it’s time to rewind and discuss our favorite things of the year. This time around, we hear from multiple people including Jim Haras, Dominick Fernow, Richard Ramirez, Sean Ramirez Matzus, and many more. Neverending noise forever and ever. Happy Noise Year.

2021 Year End Wrap-Up

2021 is coming to a close, so it’s time to get into some of our favorite releases of the year. This go around we decided to have a general discussion of our faves rather than a “list.” Here’s to a great year in noise as we look forward to 2022. Noise for life, noise ’til death.

Year End Wrap-Up

2020 comes to a close, therefore it is time to discuss our favorite noise of the year. We each brought 5 releases to talk about, but of course that’s not enough for us noise maniacs, so we end up going into much more. Our deepest, noisiest THANK YOU to all of our listeners this year…we have only just begun.

Year End Wrap-up

As the the first year of Noisextra winds down, we thought we’d discuss some of our favorite albums and sets of the year. It’s been an excellent year for noise and it was hard to whittle our lists down, but each of us came with our personal stand outs of 2019. We cannot wait for many more years of noise listening and noise talking. Thank you all for listening, to us and to noise.