Maurizio Bianchi – Mectpyo Bakterium

This week Greh and Mike head back in time and over to Italy to discuss MB’s “Mectpyo Bakterium.” There are also some new additions to the podcast that include a segment covering recent listens that will kick off each episode, as well as a new member of the on air squad — Research Assistant Tara Connelly. The trio discuss listening to MB late at night and in the dark, waves of sound heading into oblivion, and oil spreading atmosphere. Turn on a night light and dig in.

Yggdrasil / Eciton / Hermit 10″

Greh and Mike sit down with Pierre-Marc Tremblay of Ames Sanglantes to discuss the Yggdrasil / Eciton / Hermit split 10″on Darkness Productions from 1997. We get into Canadian noise at the end of the ’90s, the unique vision of each project, and the true spirit of the underground. DO IT YOURSELF!