Various Artists – Sounds of New Music (with guest Aaron Dilloway)

Aaron Dilloway takes us on a time traveling journey, as far back as the 1920s, to get into some of the earliest roots of experimental music with “Sounds of New Music” on the legendary Folkways Records. This compilation features works from avant garde composers like John Cage and Edgar Varese, as well as some strange instructional tracks and other primitive sonic experiments. Hear the sounds of the distant past and understand the sounds of the future.

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Recent Listening:
Dead Body Love “Low-Fi Power Carnage”
Dead Body Love “Maximum Dose”
Heat Signature “Dehumanization in Progress”
Striations “Campaign of Cruelty”
Blunt Force Trauma “Bled Out”
Contagious Orgasm “Voltage Controlled Filter”
The Cherry Point “Black Witchery”
Sewer Election “Sex/Death”
Lasse Marhaug “the Great Silence”
Ordo Equilibrio “Reaping the Fallen – The First Harvest”
Francisco Lopez/Scott Arford “Solid State Flesh/Solid State Sex”

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