In Conversation with Mortiis

Mortiis is one of the most singular and transcendental electronic artists of the past 30 years and it was an absolute honor for us all to get a chance to speak with him. What transpired was a riveting discussion on the entire body of work left by Mortiis, Vond and beyond. We get into his relationship with Cold Meat Industry, working with Merzbow, his early electronic music influences, and so much more. Join us and we wander through castle ruins and crooked paths with Mortiis.

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Peter J Woods Collages C30 – Created through reimagined texts and sounds from works written between 2012-2019.
Unsustainable Social Condition Rapid Polarization 2 C20 – Followup to 2019’s Rapid Polarization on Foul Prey: brutish feedback and frayed layers of havoc.
Circuit Wound A Sudden Lapse of Concentration CD – Jay Howard’s decades long harsh noise project abuses with sheets of gnarled, hellacious onslaught.
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