Various Artists – Bring on the Shits

The Connellys scored a copy of “Bring on the Shits” on Bandaged Hand Produce while in Japan thanks to Greh and we wanted to go over this classic 1995 cassette comp for today’s episode. An absolute stand out 90s compilation, this one brings together artists from disparate corners of the noise world and places them within the Bandage Hand universe. The results are stunning. Mlehst himself supplied us with thoughts and info and we relay them throughout our talk.

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Recent Listening:
Linekraft/Prurient “Government Controlled Shrines”
Prurient “Electronic Storms”
Various Artists “Blut und Blute”
Various Artists “Hora Aurea”
Departure Chandelier “Satan Soldier of Fortune”
Muslimgauze “Gun Aramaic”
Pan Sonic “Aaltopiiri”

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