Synth Clean and Repair

Mike and Tara were having massive problems with their Sequential Circuits Six Trak synth. Greh came over to repair it and record an episode while doing it. Lo and behold, when Greh arrived, the synth decided to start working again. Still, Greh takes us through opening and cleaning the Six Trak and gives plenty of advice on how to maintain a synth. It’s another episode in the vein of “Studio Reorganization.”

In Conversation with Dan Burke (Illusion of Safety)

Illusion of Safety is one of the longest running projects in the industrial noise underground, and Dan Burke was cool enough to sit down with us and go over his entire history. From seeing the final Throbbing Gristle show in San Francisco, to creating the IOS world with all its collaborators, Dan has stories and insight for days. It’s another mandatory history lesson on Noisextra.

In Conversation with Kristian Olsson (part 2)

In the second part of our discussion with Kristian Olsson, we get into Alframania, Kristian’s work under his own name, his writings with “Shock Tilt” and his forthcoming book “Giftnalen”, as well as his thoughts and philosophy on the noise industrial underground. Today’s episode is another great course in the underground …not only for history but also the present and future.

In Conversation with Kristian Olsson (part 1)

It was a honor to speak with Kristian Olsson to have a very deep discussion on not only his history, but his thoughts and philosophy on the underground. Our talk demanded it to be a two-parter, so for this first part, we go over Kristian’s early days, starting Survival Unit, connecting and working with Blood ov Thee Christ, and the newly announced Survival Unit/Grey Wolves collaboration tape. In next week’s episode, we get into Alfarmania and so much more. These episodes are highly important history lessons and ones that are not to be missed.

For the ExtraNoisextra segment on our patreon, Kristian talks about Kommando RJF and the importance of Roger Karmanik. This 20 minute segment immediately follows the Blood ov Thee Christ story on the patreon feed.

In Conversation with Ron Morelli (L.I.E.S. Records)

Ron Morelli (L.I.E.S. Records ) joins us today to discuss a different branch of experimental electronics. Ron’s ambient albums are Noisextra favorites. We dig into those, as well as his history in techno, his L.I.E.S. Records label, and his fantastic new album “Heart Stopper.” Ron brings a unique perspective to the underground and it was a blast hanging out and having this discussion.

Dave Gilden discussion with Jim Haras

Jim Haras (Deterge) is releasing a massive Dave Gilden box set on his Fusty Cunt label. Jim was in town, so he came over to the Connelly household to have a talk about Gilden and the process of putting the box set together. Dave Gilden’s work was once of the least attainable, but there’s been a vast unearthing of his material in the past few years, and Jim’s box set will be a huge look at Gilden’s discography. In addition, we get into Jim’s noise history.

In Conversation with Blister Pack

The mountain men of Blister Pack join us today for a great talk on ’90s noise, true crime, video stores, and so much more. Emerson Murray and Nik Weisend were not only Blister Pack, but ran the Plague in Perspective label that focused on special packing. They both have solo projects — Nik as Hive and Emerson under his own name — and both have continued on different paths of art, from visual to the written word.