In Conversation with John Duncan (part 2)

In the second part of our talk with John Duncan, we get into his time in Amsterdam up to his current work. Greh and John reminisce about the “Voice Contact” performance that Greh participated in. In addition, John talks about ideas and process behind “The Crackling,” “Nazca Tranmissions,” and much more. We can’t thank John enough for taking time to let us in on his history and art.

In Conversation with Suzy Poling (Pod Blotz)

Suzy Poling (Pod Blotz) joins us for an incredible discussion about her sound and art. Suzy is an old friend of all of ours and recently went through a very harrowing ordeal and we get into what happened and how her art has helped her through this and how it will affect her work going forward. A thoughtful conversation with an fantastic artist, we can’t thank Suzy enough for sharing her experience.

Trashware: Mike Connelly

You knew it had to happen sometime. That time is now. Greh cornered Mike and asked him all sorts of stuff. Guitar? Check. Death Metal pedal? Check. Air organ? Check. Vocals? Check. And of course we talk his latest evolution of Failing Lights, working with Tara in Yellow Gas Flames, how Clay Rendering has influenced his solo work, and what it’s like to operate the Los Angeles Serial Killer Synthesizer Club.