Noise Ephemera

Greh began organizing his noise fliers, postcards, stickers, and more so we got together to go thru his collection. We talk about ways to archive and store these items, and the importance of keeping noise ephemera. In addition, we have a pretty extensive recent listening section.

For the ExtraNoisextra segment on the patreon, we posted a video of going through some of Greh’s items, some that are mentioned on the episode and some exclusive to the video.

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Recent Listening:
Golden Purifier “II”
Genocide Organ “Death Zones”
Ron Morelli “Heart Stopper”
Omit “InSec”
Die Sonne Satans “Fac-totum”
Linekraft “Hunger for Life”
Moral Order “2017 / 2020”
Himukalt/Subklinik “Seven Memories/Human Meat”
Agonal Lust/Serration “Like a Knife”
Various Artists “Meet the People’s Hatred”
Silent Servant “Negative Fascination”
Silent Servant “In Memoriam”
Sandwell District “Feed-Forward”
Lussuria “Under Crumbled Stairs”
Bad Sector “Ampos”
Inade “The Crackling of the Anonymous”
Prurient “Oxidation”
Abfall “Nitrous Oxide”

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