Yggdrasil / Eciton / Hermit 10″

Greh and Mike sit down with Pierre-Marc Tremblay of Ames Sanglantes to discuss the Yggdrasil / Eciton / Hermit split 10″on Darkness Productions from 1997. We get into Canadian noise at the end of the ’90s, the unique vision of each project, and the true spirit of the underground. DO IT YOURSELF!

Masonna – Sonic Devil

After a much-needed break, Mike and Greh are back with a new plan, more guests and a broader range of classic NOISE to discuss. For our first week, we chose a lesser-known record by a project we both love, Sonic Devil by MASONNA. Out on Pinch-A-Loaf from 1997, this 12″ rips in hard and fast.