Richard Ramirez – Memorial

Mike and Greh got together to listen to Richard Ramirez’ 1997 CD “Memorial” on the Praxis Dr. Bearmann label from Germany. It’s a somber affair, dedicated to Richard’s friend Kevin Ogg who passed away the year prior.

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One thought on “Richard Ramirez – Memorial

  1. Richard Ramirez says:

    Thank you for playing this material and the discussion.
    The album was recorded around 3 or 4 am in a garage at a friend’s house from what I remembe.
    The sample in “How to Direct Your Anger” was used because Kevin was a huge fan of talk radio/phone in personal drama radio shows. I thought it fit. Some of the “crashing” sounds were an old (late 70s) stereo/turntable I had that made this insane (almost metal) sound when playing with and snapping the turntable plate.

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