TAC – If It Fits… (with guest Chris Sienko)

Chris Sienko, our most guested guest, returns and brings the deep knowledge on TAC “If it Fits” on Spite. While all being big fans of Spite, none of us were quite familiar with TAC, and Sienko rectifies that with a heap of thoughts and info on this fairly obscure project from the golden era. In addition, Chris breaks down some of his favorite Spite releases.

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Recent Listening:
Altar of Flies “Work Ethics”
Noise-Maker’s Fifes “Public Frontation”
Bad Sector “Plasma”
Death Kneel “Adaptive Emotional Use”
Various Artists “New Forces
Shareholder “The Glass”
Scald Hymn “Instance of Home”
Alial Straa “Tunnels/Stairwell”
Phocomelus “Deus Irae/Crippled Sex”
Phocomelus “Hospital for Deviant Sexual Behavior”
Phocomelus “Bit of Rough”
Phocomelus “Anhedonia”
Hive Mind “Awakening Sect”
Richard Ramirez “This Angel’s Rusted Halo”

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