Masonna – Noisextra

With the announcement of Masonna’s first set in years at the NWN/Hospital fest in Osaka, we instantly knew it was time to finally discuss the CD that is our namesake. Masonna “Noisextra” on the legendary Pure series packs every punch today that it did in 1995. We talk this album as well as the impact Masonna has had on all of us in our lives of noise. It’s all things Masonna today, and will be for the next year until we get to finally see the Sonic Devil himself live in Japan.

For the ExtraNoisextra segment on the patreon, we watch and discuss Masonna “Like a Vagina TV” VHS on Vanilla. MASONNA!

NWN/Hospital Fest tickets

Recent Listening:
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Moth Drakula “The Final Nail”
V/A “Autobahn”
Moenos “Call From the Grave 1
Moenos “Call From the Grave 2”
Moenos “Call From the Grave 3”
Black Leather Jesus “Make Them Cum Slowly”
O.R. “Bombay Skull and Bones”

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