Atrax Morgue – Death-Orgasm Connector

The annual Atrax Morgue episode has arrived. This year, we place a bag over our heads with “Death-Orgasm Connector.” A CD from 2003, this album distills the greatness of Atrax Morgue into 10 of his most potent tracks. It’s never a bad time to listen to Atrax Morgue, but the end of October is truly the perfect atmosphere for “Death-Orgasm Connector. The game is closed. Marco Corbelli forever.

For the ExtraNoisextra segment on the patreon we each chose an Italian horror movie to dissect, as is our Atrax episode tradition. This segment is over 30 minutes.

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Recent Listening:
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Anal Birth “Top 28 Chapters of Infant Atrocities”
Anal Birth “Infantbutchering”
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