Merzbow – Storage (with guest Grant Richarson / Gnawed)

Some late ’80s Merzbow here, selected by Grant Richardson (GNAWED) who stopped by while on tour, and as usual I can’t seem to keep Mike Connelly away from these listening sessions. Sewers, shipping containers, forklifts and orchestral composition are a few of the items on hand as we descend into the junk cavern.

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One thought on “Merzbow – Storage (with guest Grant Richarson / Gnawed)

  1. David O'Brien says:

    Thank you very much guys.
    The Merzcasts have co incided with my refound love of noise, and Merzbow in particular. Timely.
    I’ve been listening to you here in Australia between listeming to Merzbow and stocking up on hard copies of Merzbow recordings.
    It’s good to know that others share this sickness. I had felt that this was my own ..dirty ..little ..secret.
    Thanks again
    David J. O’Brien

    PS noise cancelling headphones??

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