Hijokaidan – Ferocity of Practical Life

One last duo session to settle into the new mode, Greh and Mike have been preparing for the Hospital fest in LA and as Junko is performing solo we figured we’d pop on 1996’s “Ferocity of Practical Life” 10″ by noise legends Hijokaidan, one of the longest running acts around. All-star lineup this time around, with classics Jojo and Junko Hiroshige, Toshiji Mikawa and Fumio Kosakai (Incapacitants) and Masami Akita! We’ll be back next week with a guest. NOISE!

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One thought on “Hijokaidan – Ferocity of Practical Life

  1. Cold Storage says:

    Alchemy did have solid US distribution by way of Subterranean Records. In most areas this stuff was as available as Release, RRR Pure and later Groundfault. We can all thank prior Merzcast guest Elden M for his vision and efforts to spread this stuff in US markets during his tenure with Sub. It’s not an overstatement to say that his curation of sales have effected American Noise cultures for years to come.

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