C.C.C.C. – Love and Noise

This week we travel to the black light cosmos with C.C.C.C.’s “Love and Noise” CD from 1996. The crew gets swept up in the solar winds with no concern of return. We discuss Mayuko Hino’s legacy and unique thoughts on noise and what makes C.C.C.C. stand out from the pack. Is noise “bad taste music for maniac people” as C.C.C.C.’s Hiroshi Hasegawa says? We’d like to think so. See you on the other side.

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Recent Listening:
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Novy Svet – Cuori di Petrolio
Maska Genetik – Strada
Con-Dom – Live Actions 1 & 4
Con-Dom – How Welcome Is Death To I Who Have Nothing More To Do But Die
Atrax Morgue – No More
Atrax Morgue – Paranoid
Aube – Luminous
SIAN – Setting /Another
Chaos of the Night – Live at KFJC
Mayuko Hino – Lunisolar

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