Aube – Spindrift

This week we celebrate the life and work of Akifumi Nakajima aka Aube. We dive headfirst into “Spindrift”, the first release on his own G.R.O.S.S label. We explore his unique sound and visual design, discuss his passion for the noise underground, and read a few words from some artists that worked directly with him. There will never be enough words to truly describe his sound and his impact, but we will always have his noise. Listen to Aube.

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Recent listening:
Incapacitants – Stupid is Stupid
Masonna – Shinsen Na Clitoris
Slogun – Pleasures of Death
Smell and Quim – Cosmic Bondage
Various Artists – Herz Aus G.R.O.S.S.
Kyoshi Mizutani – Millstone
Murder Corporation – The New Crimes
Deutsch Nepal – The Silent Earth
Various Artists – Noise Forest

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