In Conversation with Kristian Olsson (part 1)

It was a honor to speak with Kristian Olsson to have a very deep discussion on not only his history, but his thoughts and philosophy on the underground. Our talk demanded it to be a two-parter, so for this first part, we go over Kristian’s early days, starting Survival Unit, connecting and working with Blood ov Thee Christ, and the newly announced Survival Unit/Grey Wolves collaboration tape. In next week’s episode, we get into Alfarmania and so much more. These episodes are highly important history lessons and ones that are not to be missed.

For the ExtraNoisextra segment on our patreon, Kristian talks about Kommando RJF and the importance of Roger Karmanik. This 20 minute segment immediately follows the Blood ov Thee Christ story on the patreon feed.

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