Voice Crack & Peter Liechti – Kick That Habit (with guest Crank Sturgeon)

Class is in session for another noise history lesson. For our first episode on a film, we sat down with Crank Sturgeon to watch and discuss Voice Crack’s “Kick That Habit” film, directed by Peter Lietchi. Our talk jumps back and forth from the film to the early days of Crank’s involvement in noise. Topics include his introduction to, and working with, Ron Lessard, travels to the UK and playing with Smell & Quim, and the importance of ’90s noise VHS.

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Recent Listening:
Chuck Johnson – Balsams (VDSQ)
Viodre – Disgust (Heat ov the Day)
Keiji Haino – Watashi Dake? (Black Editions)
Zone Nord – Marche Noir/Diverses Denrees (self released)
Premature Ejaculation – Necessary Discomforts (Cleopatra)
Mothra – The Remains of Life (Three Plugs)
Mayuko Hino – Performance at Club Fuck IN LA 1993 VHS (Endorphine Factory)
C.C.C.C. – Chaos is the Cosmos (Cold Spring)
Intrinsic Action – Trophy (Bloodlust!)
Jason Soliday’s Bandcamp

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